Gundagai South Public School

Do Your Best

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PBL and How2Learn

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Students' are working hard at incorporating our School Values of Respect, Responsibility and Care in all areas of their education.

Reward System

Students' are rewarded both in the classroom and the playground for adhering to the school's values through the use of fish tokens.

Once students' have gained 20 tokens they receive a certificate and reward.  Students' add dots onto a large school fish to work towards a whole school reward. Students' ultimate goal is to reach the end of Orange level.


This booklet contains information about How2Learn - It is a philosophy of teaching and education in the 21st Century.

This booklet shows the 5 Super Heroes of Learning and how they can help us be better learners.

Each class will learn about the super heroes throughout the year.